26 Jun

Get the bounce back into your fascial bodysuit

Want to jump higher, run faster and throw farther?  You’ll need to pay attention to nourishing the elastic quality of your fascia. This is how M.A.P Movement can help! 

What do you get when you add juiciness to connectedness? The answer, springiness ie. bounce. When your tissue retains (or regains) its natural spring, the rebound effect of the fascia allows you to use less muscle power, and therefore fatigue less rapidly. When you run with healthy fascia the force you transmit into the ground gets returned to you through the whole tensional network of the fascia. It’s like you have a little built-in trampoline action going on.

In MAP Classes we work on hydrating our fascia using massage balls, foam rollers and peanuts...and, maybe,  a few other tools :) all the while staying in power with diaphragmatic breathing. Once we rehydrate the fascia we focus on bouncy movements and getting that inner spring in your step back. We also strengthen using loop elastics and own body weight exercises. 

With that built-in trampoline going and oiled you can worry less about injuries and just live in the moment. So lets get moving, let’s jump higher and run faster. Come and join a M.A.P Class today and feel what it's all about.

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