08 Nov

The fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin…it is able to wrap, interpenetrate, support and form to the bloodstream, bone tissue, meningeal tissue, organs and skeletal muscles, [and] has the ability to adapt to mechanical stress.”

W-O-W. 😍

The Fascial Web: Is it weird?... Nah! It is miraculous, just like a spider’s web! 🕸

Have you ever watched a spider spin a web? I'm not very fond of spiders, but that web… It's beautiful! And of course– it reminds me of fascia. ☺️

Connection, whether inside the human body as fascia, between the mind and body, or even between ourselves and nature, is better than being disconnected! 💯

Don’t be afraid of exploring fascia…it just may open up your eyes to a wonderful world free of pain and a more fully-connected self! 💓

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