Persistence Pays Off


Where to start...

I have been steadily losing my agility and movement from being inactive as well as sitting all day. At one point I was convinced hip and knee replacements are instore for me.  In January I moved to Pretoria from Cape Town, quit my job and became a consultant in my field of work and embarked on what was to be a whole new chapter in my life. A Chapter of healing. 

So, I could not walk very far without pain and being overweight, jumping and sweating was not my idea of exercise. I started searching  for some form of exercise after a couple of months and that is how I found Ninke. I do believe it was meant to be.  I started MAP about 2 month ago and I have been telling the world about MAP Movement. The difference it made in my life is just amazing. I can move, I am more mobile, I can feel my body getting stronger week by week. Over the last 2 week I realised that I don’t have that much pain during the night.

MAP classes are fun! It is a community rather than individually exercising, getting stronger together,  BUT the glue in all of this is Ninke. She is sunshine personified, she really makes you feel you are special, and important, with such a joy for life.  For the first time I am sticking to exercise, not making any excuses.